Jennifer “Wren” Supak was born in Virginia Beach, VA. Wren is a two-dimensional artist working in painting because it is a physical process and also digital video and photography, depending on the project. She grew up in the US, Canada, Denmark, and England. Wren has earned both a Master in Fine Arts visual art and a Master in Human Rights, a public affairs degree, wherein she studied art’s role in peacemaking. She has educated diverse audiences, from young children, artists, and world leaders concerning storytelling, art, and justice, including; the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and the College Art Association. In addition to teaching, her artwork has been exhibited in several major cities and events, including Art Basel-SCOPE Miami, the Mini Video Art Fest in Budapest, in Bogota, Colombia, Canada, Chicago, Minneapolis, and others. Wren is the art gallery director and curator at Northwest Florida State College.

Okaloosa Leader cohort 2021
Hubert H Humphrey Public Leadership Scholar 2017-2019

Residencies: Guest Researcher Restrepo Center for Civil Reconstruction,  National University of Colombia, 2018
Hungarian Multicultural Center 2015
American Modernism Research Center 2011

See her current solo exhibition, Pull, November 20-January 3, 2021, curated by Jill Conner of AS Studios NYC|Paris https://artists-studios.com/discover/2020/11/20/pull-j-wren-supak

Recent Talks and Lectures include but not limited to:
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Forum, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
Museum Innovation Forum New Orleans, Louisiana
The College Art Association
The Nobel Peace Prize Forum

See her current solo exhibition, Pull, November 20-January 3, 2021, curated by Jill Conner  of AS Studios NYC|Paris

presents 17 abstract paintings that explore the nature of gravity as it interacts with paint and surface materials. Across each surface, Supak introduces multiple shades of color through a very limited number of applications. Traces and echos balance equally while silhouettes of negative space begin to form. The artist’s rendering of subtle layers, through either the application of powdered pigment or sand, creates a sense of depth that leads to the experience of perception, recognition and representation. Supak’s varied combinations of color expand further and examine the way that objects and figures seek new form while anchored to the serendipitous.

Crouching Cat. oil paint on paper, 5×4 inches. early 2019. J. Wren supak. All Rights Reserved.

To see work on view as of summer 2019:

Soft time University of Minnesota Physicians Mill City Clinic Gallery (across from the Guthrie Theater.) 901 South 2nd Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Exhibition: July 12, 2019- October 25, 2019. Hours: M-F 8-5, Saturday 8-12. Reception: September 12, 2019, 5:30-7:30pm. An exhibition of ten paintings, half of them new. Curated by Donna Bruni Cox. 

First We Removed our Shoes, a painting on view since 2017 at the Tychman Shapiro Gallery, second-floor installation, in Sabes Jewish Community Center, Cedar Lake Road, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally commissioned/organized by the University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center, and curated by the Tychman Shapiro Gallery Art Director, Robyn Awend for a 2017 exhibition in [RE]Telling, Contemporary Responses to Artist Fritz Hirschberger with comments from Yad Vashem’s, then lead curator.

Body of Water, a digital painting, included in the Hungarian Mini Video Art Festival, and on view at MAMŰ Galéria, Damjanich u. 39, 1071, Budapest, Hungary. Curated by Beata Szechy, Director of Hungarian Multicultural Center, Budapest, Hungary. On view: Summer 2019

Studio visits welcome and by appointment: jwrensupak@gmail.com.