J. Wren Supak is a visual artist working through the language of metaphor in abstraction. She has exhibited regionally and internationally, including; Art Basel Miami, Colombia, Hungary, Chicago, and Minnesota. Her exhibitions have covered non-figurative portraiture, migration narratives contextualized within the broader social-historical context, and collaborative artwork with Voice to Vision. Her foundational research covered diaspora stories through art, abstraction as a language for the nonverbal, continuing to the role of art in Human Rights advocacy, justice, and reconciliation

In 2018 Wren did fieldwork in Colombia as a research fellow of the University of Minnesota, Human Rights Center, Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, and a guest of the National University of Colombia, Restrepo Center for Civil Reconstruction. She has had the opportunity to present this research at several venues including the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, the University of Minnesota, and the College Art Association conference in 2019.

Courses Taught: Museum education, art history, and painting

Education: Master in Fine Art, Visual Art, and Master in Art, Human Rights candidate 

Fallout Artists Initiative
Studio 18B
2601 2nd Ave North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55305