Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2019: I am an abstract artist, working in painting and digital media, depending on the project. I work non-representationally at the intersection of intimate and shared experience. The process includes research, such as of history, then responding materially—a practice that frees me to clarify information subjectively. Even when linked to a broader context, I am personally tied to the subject. Sometimes I recycle items like photos or my grandmother’s wallpaper into the art. Imitating life, I make both intentional, and unplanned gestures, such as pouring, brushing, removing, or blowing. Light, framing or gesture recur throughout my work. Reflection, shadow, iridescence, or marks, suggest presence. Resisting the clarity of the figure, the order of representation, I work through symbolic color, signifiers of style, and material to point my viewers. Paint and mark, demonstrate the physicality of interpretation. The point of the abstraction is to avoid the didactic nature of narration through a re-imagination of experience.