Artist Statement

I work in a non-representational, visual language of process art at the intersection of intimate and shared experience. My practice of abstraction frees me to clarify ideas subjectively. The process entails hard research of history, politics, story-telling, etc., and then responding with reflection, and form-making. Materially I recycle items like photos, used wallpaper, fabric from the couch, clan motifs, cultural family styles, culminating in metaphorical instead of literal expression.  Imitating life, I make intentional, and unplanned marks with my medium. Part of the language is light quality, a through-line in the character of my work, beginning in photography, and carried into paintings– light, iridescence, or marks, are a presence. The photograph indicates a question, a frozen moment. The act of painting performs a search of an often photographed or considered subject. Actively resisting the clarity of the figure, the order of representation, I work in a code that includes the symbolism of color, the signifiers of style, and the choices of material.  Paint and mark, demonstrate the physicality of interpretation.  The point of the abstraction is to avoid the didactic nature of narrative art through a visual synthesis, a re-imagination of experience.