Fascism Study Guide

Graphic artist Ian Lynam 


Graphic artist Ian Lynam


Graphic artist Ian Lynam

Fascism Study Guide Leaflet

Freedom Aint Free




The FSG is a collectively compiled list of books, articles, interviews, radio programs, films, digital artwork, and video content that addresses fascism as a historical and political phenomenon, including its manifestations in the present moment. Please contribute to, study, and circulate this document. FSG is a living document. Thus nothing shall be deleted except for the occasional corruption of the material as a whole. To protect against document destruction, I download and save versions of the Guide on a regular basis. If you have read anything on this index, please add a sentence or two of annotation for other readers. Also, critique and strike-through would be appreciated. I started this index in 2015. It was a one-page handwritten list, now through other’s contributions, it has grown to about thirty pages long, reflecting people’s growing, well-placed concern. Thank you for your contributions.

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Freedom ain’t Free, Utube: https://youtu.be/JbnFng6HW90